Why Online Presence Across Popular Channels Is Important

Mar 10, 2022
Customer mindset changed before visit, research, and buy products in daily life before making the decision to visit local stores
  • Every day, hundreds of millions of people turn to Google and other search engines to discover the stores and services that they looking for. Discover how DashLoc can meet your customers across all moments in the discover to shopping journey.
Build your brand trends and visibility to acquire new customers
  • As a brand, it’s important to appear across online channels, where potential customers may be browsing. Buyers or consumers don’t always have a specific product in mind when they search the category they’re interested in and often search for reviews or articles to help inform their decision. The better you know your audience, the easier it is to connect with them. Engaged with consumers while they discovered products and fill the gap between discovering to buying through DashLoc technology.
Drive local community foot traffic to direct sales
  • Local Businesses with physical locations need to provide customers with a seamless discovery of products and services, and a locally optimized experience online. Searches for “open now near me” have grown globally by over 400% YOY. Helps customers find and connect with you on Google Search, Maps, and other popular online directories and listing platforms, and also maintains the same consistency on social media. This profile includes information like your business address, store hours, photos, products, categories, local offers, events, IVR, and more…
Use local actionable insights to inform business strategy and boost performance among the local community
  • Brands using first-party data for key marketing functions achieved up to a 2.9X revenue lift and a 1.5X increase in cost savings. Brands using insights and first-party data to fuel their decision-making achieve stronger performance.