Online Reviews to Make the Purchasing Decisions for Local Business

Jan 27, 2020
In the era of 2020, consumer behavior has a significant change, end consumers are relying on online reviews before making the purchasing decision.
Today reputation plays an essential role in local business growth
  • The recent year's reviews have exponential growth and new trends of taking online reviews for local store adoption increasing every day. Brands are now aware of the importance of online reviews and their impact on the local business. Simplifying the process of requesting reviews with automation tools and using multiple channels that brand consumers prefer, such as QR code, SMS, email, Whatsapp, and social media. Brands are also aware of the response and engagement of the reviews, today reviews help brands to discover online.
Today reputation management tools have a significant impact to attracts more customers, and getting reviews consistently.
Where online reviews are being distributed
  • Today Google (GMB) is the most popular platform for consumer reviews. Today searches for products or services of “nearby” or “near me” lead directly to the purchase. Mainly 4 review sites are dominating today, 74% on google, 5% on Facebook & 21% on other online sites.
Distribution of the reviews sites according to the industries
  • Every industry has some sites to take the reviews like automobiles, lifestyle, healthcare, restaurant, finance, and home services.
  • The consumer looks to the online reviews before buying or using local services which provides a better user experience with their services and products.
Here is the distribution of the reviews
  • 65 % Google
  • 5 % Facebook
  • 30 % others
There are significant numbers of growth in the non-industry sites industry-specific sites, these sites influence customers to buy cars. videos reviews with products play a significant role in growth.