Listings Management for Local Business growth

Jan 27, 2020
Manage your local business listing to ensure uniform information across the online channels. When you achieve accuracy and consistent listing ensure high search ranking and new customers.
Core Component of local business listing
Information related to local business local listings is made up of the same core data: NAP. your local listing business also includes
  • Local web URL
  • Hours of operation
  • Local in-store images & videos
  • Short description of local business listing
  • Services
  • Categories
  • Products
  • Payment method
  • Offers/discount/events
  • Local social media profiles
  • Local listing publishers' sites
  • Location-specific updated reviews
  • Updated content for local pages
Why local business listings are so important for local business growth
  • Local business listings are important for the local community to discover the right products & services, google is always a first choice for the consumers. If your business cannot be discovered through a simple Google search, chances are you are not being discovered at all. Recent trends in the search results show that 86% of consumers are on mobile. A smaller screen size displays fewer results per page. On desktop, customers usually see more results on the first page, but on mobile, customers usually don’t get past the first three. With the increasing prominence of mobile searches, it is more important than ever to earn that top spot on the mobile.
Benefits of the local listing
Local business listing information is play a significant impact on your consumers. No matter where you list your business information accuracy and consistency are required to achieve the desired goals.
  • Improve customer Journey
  • Engage your consumer
  • Boost reviews
  • Local SEO Boost
  • Increase leads & conversion
Why and how to claim a local business listing
Building and managing your local business listing manually, the business listing owners should go through the claiming business profile. There are multiple ways business owners can do the claiming.
Once a business owner filled out business information, the owner will be asked to go through a verification process. This typically happens in one of three ways:
  • Via an immediate phone call, during which you'll verify using a pin number
  • Via a postal mail postcard and pin number verification
  • Via an email in which you'll be clicking on a verification link or code